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On our 90 minutes long tour,
you will be shown the highlights of İstanbul
with the best possibilities to take photographs.

İstanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents,
Europe and Asia, standing on the shores of Bosphorus and
guarding the precious relics of three world-dominating empires:
Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, which she has been the capital,
a unique link between the east and west, past and the present…
Enjoy the romantic Night Tour through illuminated İstanbul,
The European Capital. An exceptional evening
to explore the historical city with the mosque domes,
high minarets, architectural masterpieces
from different time of history: Roman, Byzantine and
the Ottoman Empires.

İstanbul sparkles at night with fascinating contrasts offering
distinctive blend of the past and present.
Our open top double decker tour is definitely the best
and most enjoyable way to view the spectacular sights of the city.